South Konkan Education Society

South Konkan Education Society is a premier organization running a full range of educational institutions in Belgaum. It enjoys enormous goodwill as a provider of quality education. Not surprisingly, its schools and colleges have become the preferred centers of education for a large number of well-informed students and parents.

South Konkan Education Society (SKE Society as it is commonly known) has its origin in the heady days of the early 1940s. Mahatma Gandhi had given the "Quit India" call in 1942. Patriotic zeal stirred a group of individuals, originally from the Konkan region, to take an active part in nation building. They believed that freedom would be meaningless if it did not bring development and improve the quality of people's lives. They also knew that education was the key to development. As a result S.K.E. Society came to be formed in 1944 at Savantwadi. The Society's first educational institution, Rani Parvati Devi College (named after its first patron member, the late Rajamata of Savantwadi) was started in 1945 at Savantwadi. The college offered courses in both the Arts and Science streams.

Rani Parvati Devi College was relocated to Belgaum in 1948. A band of devoted educationists like Dr. G.V. Herekar, Shri Annasaheb Latthe, Shri Baburao Thakur, Shri V.V.Herwadkar, Dr. Y. K. Prabhu and others undertook the daunting task of setting the college on firm foundations. Their efforts resulted in the college being housed in the beautiful summer palace of the former Raja Patwardhan of Jamkhandi, located in the quiet suburb of Tilakwadi. Today, the Society runs several Primary Schools, High Schools and Colleges imparting quality education from kindergarten to post graduation. Many other useful and relevant courses are being planned for the future. The Society is committed to make the campus a center of excellence in education.


Late Dr. G.V. Herekar

Physician and Philanthropist.

Late Shri Annasaheb Latthe

Former Minister of Maharashtra State.

Late Shri Baburao Thakur

Freedom Fighter, Educationalist & Journalist

Late Dr. Y. K. Prabhu M.Sc. Ph.D. (Germany)

Educationalist & Businessman

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