Department of Zoology

The Zoology department was established in 1966 for the purpose of imparting Knowledge about life sciences. Major Zoology was started by Prof. Patkoot assisted by the faculty members like Prof. Geeta Tantri, Miss Rebello, Prof. Soudi and so on. The contribution made by these seniors and retired faculty for developing the department is being continued by the present staff members. Prof. S. A. Mohire, Prof. N. S. Ankolekar, Prof. S. Y. Prabhu and Dr. V. A. Kupwade joined the Department. Dr. V. A. Kupwade completed his Ph.D under FIP.
Zoology department has full fledged well equipped lab in the new premises. The corridor of the building has been optimally utilized for Museum of Zoology specimen



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››  Mrs. P. P. Naik M. Sc.
››  Dr. Prasad. A. Deshpande M.Sc., Ph.D
››  Miss. Amrapali P. Rajput M.Sc., (Ph.D)
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