Department of GEOLOGY

The Geology department strives to develop in each student the concern towards sustainable use of natural resources such as- minerals, water and energy sources. To impart and inculcate the basic geological knowledge to students and prepare them to be a good geoscientist. To imbibe in them the love towards mother earth and care for the environment. To create awareness in them about the Earth's environment, critical issues and need for sustainable development. To produce well-trained, budding geoscientists capable of responding to societal needs. Achieve the knowledge and skills in Geology and to experience the multidisciplinary approach.Develop abilities of logical thinking and imagination; importance of field data collection, data analysing, synthesizing and drawing fair conclusions..






Department of Geology, as a Major subject teaching for B. Sc., started during 1965 by Prof. S. S. Navani. Since then the department grew to 8 staff members. Apart from Prof. Navani, the department has seen Professors' Dr. D. I. Deendar, Dr. V. H. Uttangi, Prof. S. V. Pauskar, Prof. R.N.Kulkarni and Prof. H.G.Patil, all are retired. At present Prof. A. K. Mense (Principal), Dr. P. T. Hanamgond (Head of the Department) are putting their efforts in imparting Geological education to the students. The subject Geology is being taught as one of the three optional subjects with 3 combinations- Physics Maths Geology (PMG); Chemistry Geology Computer Science (CGCom); and Chemistry Botany Geology (CBG).

The department has well equipped Laboratories and Museum sufficing the need of undergraduate teaching and learning. Most of the samples in the museum are collected by the students and staff themselves during their Geological study tour to various parts of the country.

Facilities in the Department:
The department is well equipped for undergraduate Geological Study (B.Sc.). Dr. P. T. Hanamgond, has developed the sedimentological laboratory where in, basic facilities like Sieve analysis, Computing facilities, surveying etc. is available, which is necessary for the General Beach morphological and sedimentological research. Recently, he has added ERDAS Imagine Remote Sensing Software and GPS facility.
Students of this department have achieved great positions in the Geological field in India and abroad. Many geologists in the GSDA of Maharashtra are from this department. Some are in Geological Survey of India, ONGC and many have engaged themselves in administrative, mining and banking jobs. The present staff members are also alumni of this department. Two Gold Medals in the name of Dr. Sadashivaiah & Dr. Naganna installed at Karnatak University Dharwad, are being awarded to the student of Geology who score highest marks under Karnatak University Colleges. It is a record that the students of this department bag maximum awards.
The department has been conducting Crash Courses on "Minerals and Ores" for KLE's BMK Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Belgaum UG and PG students.

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