Department of LANGUAGE

GSS College is one of the few colleges that have five language departments: Marathi, Kannada, Hindi, Sanskrit and, of course, English. The Language Departments are unique in that they have a shared history with RPD College. They formed an important part of RPD College of Arts and Science until its bifurcation in1966 (into RPD College of Arts, and GSS College.) As an integral part of GSS College, today they continue to hum with activity as always.

In the past the Language Departments had many learned and eminent scholars as faculty. Among them the erudite critic, Prof K G Kundangar and Prof P K Bhagoji (both Kannada), the irrepressible Pu La Deshpande and Prof Anant Manohar (both Marathi), the feisty Prof R S Rege, the scholarly Prof K D Kurtakoti, Prof M S S Iyengar, and Prof L C Patil (all English), and Prof B B Almelkar (Hindi) are some of the luminaries who left a lasting impact on students.

Today, as before, the Language Departments continue to be a beehive of activity. Apart from teaching (pre-requisite) language and communication skills, they play a crucial role in shaping students' sensibilities into a wholesome and well-formed personality. More often than not, Language faculty supervises or assists in events like elocutions and debates, song and dance, essay and poetry writing, conducting a function, editing the College magazine, and so on, which add a zing to campus life. Without exception all of them figure on one or the other committee, and often, on more than one..

FACULTY -      
››  Shri U. S. Aralimatti M.A
››  Mrs. A. R. Kulkarni M. A., M.Phil, Ph.D
››  Mrs. T P Joshi M.A

››  Dr. H. B. Kolkar M. A – Kannada
››  Mrs. M. D. Tarlekar M.A- Marathi
››  Mrs. S.S. Joshi M.A- Hindi
››  Shri C. B. Joshi M.A- Sanskrit