Department of PHYSICS

"An aware and empowered youth who use the power of knowledge to combat ignorance, poverty, social inequity and suffering in our nation for improved quality of life."  
"To make available quality education to the people of the region and empowering the individual with knowledge and popularising the basic science streams."  
Objective of Department:      
  • Popularising basic science streams.
  • Proper career guidance for the undergraduate students to pursue PG courses and higher studies.
  • To guide the students for their overall growth and development.
About Department      

Physics department is one of the largest departments of GSS college catering to more than 600 students at the degree level. Presently Mrs. S. V. Kulkarni, is the head of the Physics department. There are six permanent and six society appointed faculty members in Physics department of our degree college. Among these, two of the staff members Principal Dr. N.D.Hegde and Dr. S. S.Kalagi have completed their doctorates. Mrs. L. S.Laxmeshwar is presently pursuing her Ph.D under FIP. In PU college there are five permanent faculty members and six faculty members are appointed by the society. There are six well equipped laboratories and two Nano Material Research Laboratories under Physics department.






Along with regular UG laboratories, Physics department has two research laboratories, totally dedicated to research work in nanomaterial synthesis, characterisation and applications. These laboratories have been set up from grants to the tune of Rs. 7,OO,OOO/- awarded by UGC towards two minor research projects. The research labs are equipped with a number of high precision instruments necessary for synthesis and characterization of nonmaterial.

This lab set up on the 1st floor of laboratory building has the following facilities:
  • AC facilities to maintain constant ambient temperature and dust free atmosphere.
  • Ultrasonic cleaner –,u/s frequency: 33 ± 3 khz.
  • Spin Coater with Digital speed meter & timer, Max. Speed:16000 RPM.
  • Magnetic stirrer with hot plate with digital speed indicator.
  • Heavy duty plumbing facilities to dispose chemical effluents.
This laboratory is housed on the 2nd floor of laboratory building equipped with some high end instruments like
  • Electronic microbalance: this can weigh materials precisely to the order of micrograms.
  • Muffle furnace.
  • Conductivity measurement apparatus at different temperatures.
  • pH meter.
  • Heater with magnetic stirrer.
Galileo Astronomy Club:

A Galileo Astronomy Club is established in the Physics department. College students, staff, and some of the SKE society's management members also have joined this club. The Galileo club has two astronomical telescopes- one is refracting with equatorial mount and the other is reflecting with Dobsonian mount. Through Galileo club we organise star gazing sessions every fortnight and also on special occasions such as lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, a night out to see meteor shower..etc. Study tours to research centres and universities are a regular annual feature of the department.

FACULTY -      
›› Dr. N. D. Hegde M.Sc., Ph.D.
›› Mrs. Sucheta. V. Kulkarni M.Sc.
›› Shri. S. K. Hukkeri M.Sc., PGDCA, M.Phil.
›› Shri. B. M. Topinkatti M.Sc.
›› Dr(Mrs). S.S. Kalagi M. Sc., Ph.D
›› Mrs. L. S. Laxmeshwar M.Sc., M.Phil
›› Shri. P. S. Patil M.Sc, M.Phil.
Society Appointees -      
›› Miss. Ashwitha Nayak M.Sc.
›› Miss. Aarti Majukar M.Sc.
›› Miss. Bhuvana Pujar M.Sc.
›› Miss. Praveena Yallurkar M.Sc.